PI/PO Message Selector

Int4 IFTT Message Selector is a tool built-in within Int4 IFTT created to facilitate test case creation for PI/PO unit test, PI/PO inbound, synchronous, and PI/PO outbound scenarios. It also supports SAP Cloud Platform Integration
You can use this tool to create multiple test cases based on existing middleware messages. There is no need to search for PI/PO messages directly on the middleware system - IFTT Message Selector will do it for you.

Below you will find how to use the tool in few short steps: 

  1. While creating a new test case, provide a description and an Interface Type. Click on Document Number and press F4 for search help. Optionally choose the IFTT object to tell for which interface you would like to create test cases.


  2. You will be transferred into Int4 IFTT PI/PO Message Selector. There, you need to provide: 

3. A list of available messages fetched from PI persistence will be presented:

4. You can look up the content (by clicking the Content icon) of each message before deciding which message you want to use for the test case creation. 

5. To create a test case based on the found message, double click on the selected message key. You can select multiple messages and press on Transfer selected button.

6. Save newly proposed test cases in the IFTT cockpit.


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